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Earn Your Psychology Degree Online

Earn Your Psychology Degree Online

  • In this case, each credit card costs $320 each (120 total credits).
  • Transfer up to 90 points.
  • Earn a certificate in data literacy, then.
  • Find out how to change your job.
  • In this case, there are no application fees or SAT/ACT scores to pay.
  • Every time you want, you can go online and get to the classroom at any time.

In this article, we’ll give you a quick overview of the online psychology

With an online Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology from Southern New Hampshire University, you can learn about the infinite ways the human mind works.

When you get a psychology degree online, you can learn about the most up-to-date theories and apply them to real-world situations. This program will help you become a psychologist by teaching you how to do scientific research and how to read, communicate, and apply data. You’ll be able to improve your communication and critical thinking skills, as well as your respect for diversity, equity, and inclusion, by taking this class.

Over the course of our six eight-week terms, you’ll lay the groundwork for a wide range of jobs, from a human resources specialist to a market researcher. For less money, you can get an online psychology degree from SNHU. It’s also accredited and will help you get where you want to go in your career and your life.

Learn how:

  • Gather, store, and analyze data
  • Make sure that the research methods you use are good.
  • Then write very detailed reviews and presentations.
  • Informed conclusions should be made.
  • Ethics in the field should be looked at.

If you want to learn how to combine data and theory and communicate findings to academic and professional audiences, this program has a 12-credit certificate in Data Literacy in Psychology that you can get as part of it. This program also has 39 free electives, which makes it very easy to transfer.

In your online psychology degree program, you will be able to put what you learn in class to use all the way through and even before you finish. Take advantage of experiential learning and internships, both of which can help you better figure out your career path and add work to your resume.

Psychology’s job outlook

Bachelor’s degrees open doors, but not many open as many as a BA in Psychology, which is why so many people get them.

Text: Dr Barbara Lesniak and the text. In this case, Dr Barbara Lesniak is the person who is in charge.

Getting a certificate in Data Literacy in Psychology will help you learn the research and analysis skills that are becoming more important to employers in a wide range of fields.

The online psychology degree gives students a strong foundation in skills that can be used in many different jobs.

Marketing and research into the market Many jobs in market research focus on how good math or data skills the people who work there have. Others pay more attention to what people think, how they act, and what they buy. This is great for people who want to work in business but are getting their psychology degree online. When you talk to people in-depth, interview them, and send them surveys, your research can shed more light on standard scientific findings and help you better target your audience in the future. People in 2020 earned the median wage of $65,810.1.

There are people. There are many ways to get into HR, and a business degree doesn’t have to be one of them. In human resources, you have to deal with people. Then, talk to them. Help them understand complicated benefits and rules. There are a lot of things to think about when it comes to HR. In human resources, being able to communicate and get your message across to everyone you work with is very important. In the HR field, you show that connecting and relating to employees is important to your success. You can get a psychology degree online to show that this is important to you. A report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says HR managers will make an average of $121,220 a year in 2020.

Earn Your Psychology Degree Online

For these jobs, the job growth rate was also above the national average for all jobs, which was 9%. 1
People who work for the public. The success of a PR person is based on strong communication skills and making and keeping friends. A bachelor’s in psychology can help you get ready for the relationships you’ll make and keep on behalf of your company. By making the right message, at the right time, and for the right people, you can help your company’s reputation grow and stay strong. As of 2020, the median pay for a PR specialist was $62,810. This is according to the U.S. BLS. During the next 15 years, the growth rate is expected to be 11%. 1

Administration. Administrators are often able to see more of what is going on in an organization. It then lets them make suggestions for ways to make things more efficient, both when it comes to how things are done and the people who work on them. The skills you learn in your psychology class could help you motivate your employees and lead them into the future. The number of people working in management jobs is expected to rise by 9% through 2030. Wages in May 2020 were the highest of all the major occupation groups at $109,760 per year.

The bachelor’s degree in psychology Karinne Colón ’20 got worked out for her, and she’s happy about it.

“I have been promoted at my current job since I’ll be done with school in 2020,” she told us. “I was working at a university or research center as an administrative assistant. My new job is based on research, which is more in line with what I want to do in the long run.”

Colón was happy to have her boss on her side.

The people who worked for her were “some of my biggest supporters,” she said. They encouraged her to go to school.

Once the 2021 graduate meets all of the requirements for the Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst certification, “I can take my BCaBA exam,” said the person. “People at work are betting on me as I finish up my work because they believe in me. This will make me qualified for other jobs at the company.”

The BA in Psychology program also makes it easy to go on to graduate school in psychology, counselling, or other social sciences. If you want to work in psychology, there are a lot of different types to choose from, like abnormal, cognitive, developmental, and more.

Classes and Curriculum

Our online psychology degree lets you choose a general track or a specialization that will help you get ahead in your job. Plus, there are 39 free electives, so it’s very easy to transfer.

They give you a chance to learn about a wide range of job options. This program will teach you a lot about research and how to put together a coherent course experience that leads up to the capstone. You’ll also build a portfolio of work during the program, which will be part of each course and culminate in PSY-491 Psychology and Social Change.

Also, each course is broken down into smaller parts to help you stay on track week by week.

Nicole McCormick is reading the text. Nicole McCormick is a teacher at the school. Students in the psychology program say that the format of their classes was easy to follow and helped them learn more in each and every class they took while at the school.

It helped Karinne Colón ’20 figure out what her future plans were.

“The capstone class asked us to research all of the different jobs in psychology,” she said. “It helped me learn more about the field of public health. It dawned on me that my love of research, in the field of public health, could help me be an agent of change to improve health. That research could help people make decisions about how to improve healthcare. There was a push for me to find my area of study in research.”

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